How to Make a Stork Diaper Cake

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A diaper cake is a popular baby shower centerpiece that looks fantastic and is fairly simple to make. Although it looks just like a multitiered cake, it is certainly not edible; it is constructed entirely from disposable diapers. A diaper cake can be between one and five tiers high and can be decorated to match the theme of the baby shower. If your shower has a stork theme, you can turn your cake into a stork diaper cake by adding a few stork accessories.

Roll up a diaper, ensuring that the pattern end is on the outside, then hold it in place with an elastic band.

Repeat this process until you have 20 rolled diapers.

Create a circle with the diapers, and fasten them together with one large elastic band.

Position this first layer on a cardboard base.

Make a second layer using the same process for 15 diapers.

Cut a piece of white cardboard the same size as the second layer of diapers and place it on top of the first diaper layer.

Place the second diaper layer on top of the cardboard to create a two-tier diaper cake. Repeat the process until you have the desired number of tiers in your cake. Reduce the number of diapers for each tier so that the tiers become smaller from bottom to top, similar to a traditional wedding cake.

Place a stork soft toy on the very top of the cake, and small gifts between each diaper layer. Suitable gifts are baby care items such as pacifiers, rolled up baby socks and bibs, and silver good luck charms.

Embellish the diaper cake with stork shaped table confetti sprinkled on top, small bows and candy.

Wrap the entire cake in cellophane paper and tie ribbon and a bow around it to finish it off.