How to Make Large Decorative Bows

by Sara Budisantoso ; Updated August 31, 2017

Large decorative bows always create a bold statement. Use them on wreaths, plants or as decor in your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Ribbon
  • Small scrap ribbon
  • Scissors

Choose the Ribbon

Select your ribbon. Any type of ribbon works when making large bows, such as fabric, wire, organza or mesh.

Cut the Ribbon

From the spool, cut the ribbon to your desired length and then cut a smaller piece of ribbon to hold the bow together. Or you can use scrap ribbon of the same color. Set the small piece of ribbon aside.

Lay the Ribbon Flat on a Surface

Take your cut ribbon and lay it flat on a hard surface. Make an X shape with your ribbon.

Pinch the Ribbon

With your hands, pinch the ribbon in the center to form bow.

Fasten the Small Ribbon

Take the small piece of ribbon and tie it around the pinched part of the bow. Tie it tightly together in the back. Cut the tails of your ribbon to your desired length.

Smooth and Fluff the Bow

Smooth and fluff until you have the perfect decorative bow.

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