How to Attach Feather Boas

colorful boa image by Jorge Moro from

Feather boas can work as interesting and decorative fashion accessories, and although gluing feather boas can work well when combining several together or to a wreath, it can cause quite a mess when trying to attach feather boas to a piece of clothing. If your daughter is in dance class or you otherwise want to create a children's costume with a boa, you can with the right sewing supplies and by using the proper techniques.

Cut a piece of thread. The length of thread needed depends on the size of boa you plan to use, but you should typically cut at least 3 feet of thread. Choose a thread color as close to the color of the feather boa as possible.

Thread the needle. Slip one end of the thread through the needle hole and pull both ends together, doubling the thread and balancing out the ends of the thread until both sides are even.

Knot the ends of the thread together. Create a loop at the ends of the thread, pull the ends through the loop and pull tightly to create a single knot. Create a second knot over the first to ensure a secure hold.

Lay a feather boa over the fabric where you want it attached. Hold the boa in place while sewing by pinning the length of the boa to the fabric.

Sew the boa to the fabric, starting at one end and working along the middle of the boa. The feathers on a boa extend out from the top and bottom, but along the center of the boa is a firm line of fabric you can sew through and attach it securely to the fabric on the costume. Sew in a zigzag pattern down the length of the boa, and sew back again the opposite way to ensure it is properly attached.

Knot the ends of the thread against the underside of the fabric to hide it from view and repeat to attach as many feather boas as desired.