How to Make a Pull Bow

The pull bow is a multi-looped, dome shaped bow, popularly used in wedding decorating, as well as embellishing floral arrangements and gift wrapping. Unlike other bow styles, the pull bow is self-sufficient, free of any staples, ties or other fasteners.
The secret is the ribbon used. To make pull bows, you must purchase specially made pull ribbon, found at craft supply stores or available online. Pull ribbon comes in a variety of widths, fabrics, colors and design. What makes pull ribbon distinctive is the small thread that runs through the entire length of the ribbon, allowing the ribbon to create the elegant pull bow. This process is similar to the thread pulling involved when creating a ruffle.

Cut a 24-inch length of pull ribbon.

Fold the ribbon length in half.

If you are right-handed, hold the two ends of the 24-inch ribbon in your left hand (reverse if you are left-handed).

With your free hand, carefully locate the ends of the strand of pull string, located in each cut end of the pull ribbon.

Continue to hold the two ends of the ribbon together, as you carefully pull the two strings out, away from the bow you are creating. As you pull the bow will be pulled into shape.

When the bow is created, tie the ends of the pull string, pulling tightly, and then tie it to fasten.

Cut off the ends of the pull string.