How do I Remove a Hair Wrap?

A hair wrap is a style involving a variety of colorful threads that are wrapped around locks of hair. Thread wraps are common on cruise ships or at theme parks and are administered by trained wrappers. Colors of thread are layered, creating a stripe-like effect, and beads are usually attached at the end of each thread wrap. Hair wraps can stay in for weeks, if taken care of properly, and removing them is simple.

Locate the knots of thread found on each color change.

Snip the knots off carefully with scissors, making sure not to cut through the thread wrap or to cut any hair inside the hair wrap.

Slowly unravel the threads at each section. It does not matter which section you begin with, but starting with the bottom may be faster.

Pull out the lock of hair that had been wrapped and unravel it gently to reduce the potential for tangling.