How to Pluck Your Eyebrows With Strings

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Eyebrow threading is a technique that uses string or thread to pluck unwanted eyebrow hairs. This method has been practiced for hundreds of years and is believed to have originated in India. Threading is an increasingly popular way to remove eyebrow hair, and it is also used to remove unwanted hair from other areas of the body. It is gentler and more precise than harsh chemicals, hot wax or razors. Threading is generally repeated every four to six weeks.

Look at your eyebrows in a mirror to determine their natural shape. Locate the hairs you want to remove. Comb your eyebrows up with an eyebrow brush to avoid removing hairs you want to leave in place.

Cut a piece of cotton thread about 24 inches long. Tie the ends of the thread together to form a loop. Wrap the thread 10 times around your fingers to tighten it.

Twist the thread around your fingers to create a rectangle with an X in the middle using your fingers and thumbs. Position the thread in front of the eyebrow hair you want to remove.

Pull the thread back and forth by opening the fingers of one hand and closing the fingers of the other. Twist the thread to grasp the hair. Pull on the hair that is caught to pluck it from the hair follicle.

Continue this process until your eyebrows are groomed and shaped to your satisfaction.

Splash the affected area with cool water or apply a cool washcloth to reduce redness and soothe the skin.