How to Wax Your Eyebrows With Floss

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Removing hair from your eyebrows with floss is done through a process called threading. This technique originated in India and has since become popular world wide. It is similar to waxing in that it removes the hair and follicle, providing long lasting results. You can use any strong, good quality thread for this process. It does require some practice before it is perfected. Your leg is a good place to develop your skills before trying your eyebrows.

Pull out about 2 feet of thread and cut using the dental floss case's cutting blade. Tie both ends of the floss together in a knot, creating a loop.

Hold the floss in both hands and wind the center around about 10 times. A wound section should be in the center and the outside of the floss looped around the fingers of each hand.

Open the fingers on one hand while closing the other hand's fingers. This should cause the wound portion to move back and forth along the center. Practice this technique until you are comfortable with it.

Place the wound portion of the floss in the center of the hair you want to remove. Move the wound portion of the string into the hair by opening and closing your hands. It should grab the hair and pull it out at the roots.

Move the wound portion back and forth until the hair you want to remove is gone.