The Best Way to Remove Eyebrow Hair

Woman plucking eyebrows

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Perfectly shaped eyebrows are not always easy to achieve. Women -- and men -- have long sought the perfect method for removing hair from bushy brows or unibrows. Women have also sought the best way to create perfectly arched eyebrows. So they pluck, tweeze, wax and draw, in an effort to gain the most natural-looking brows, with varying degrees of success. The method you choose should be a personal preference, decided not only by comfort, but also by cost and final results.

Wax your eyebrows to remove unwanted hair. Warm the wax mixture and carefully apply wax to the desired area. Allow the wax to cool, and then peel it off in the direction of hair growth. Waxing may be a little quicker than traditional plucking because more than one hair can be removed at one time, but take care not to remove too many for a balanced and natural look.

Pluck your eyebrows with pointed or flat-ended tweezers for a cheap and precise method of removing straggly eyebrow hairs. Pluck individual hairs one at a time. Such precision allows you to carefully and evenly shape your brows in the mirror.

Use threading to remove eyebrow hair. Using 100 percent cotton thread, twist and roll it on top of your eyebrow and then pull sharply on the thread, removing any hairs that are caught in the twisted thread. The hair is pulled out of the follicle. While a lesser known method of eyebrow hair removal than waxing or plucking, threading has been used throughout history by women seeking a straighter eyebrow shape. This is an especially effective way to thin bushy eyebrows.