How to Keep Eyebrows From Sticking Straight Up

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The hair within eyebrows is relatively short, but its limited length does not hinder its ability to become unruly. Unmanicured eyebrows can make an otherwise well-groomed person look unkempt. Maintaining your eyebrows requires minimal effort, but you must make the effort daily. If you have a recurrent problem with eyebrows that stick straight up, you can remedy the situation by executing daily maintenance techniques. A combination of eyebrow tools and styling products render any eyebrow obedient.

Hold a round, bristled eyebrow brush vertically against the interior end of your eyebrow.

Brush across your eyebrow to the opposite end to move the hairs into their natural arrangement. Routine brushing may be enough to correct errant hairs.

Apply a bead of moisturizer to your fingertip. Rub the moisturizer into the hair and skin of your brow area. The moisture may weight the hair down enough to keep it in place.

Dip a fingertip into hair styling wax or pomade. Press the fingertip lightly to the interior end of your brow. Run your finger across your eyebrow. Follow your eyebrow's natural shape as you apply the wax.

Brush eyebrow mascara or clear eyebrow gel across the area with a wand applicator that resembles a mascara wand.

Remove any stray hairs that grow above the primary, full shape of your eyebrow. Pluck the hairs with tweezers or wax the area. Stray hairs outside of your primary eyebrow shape are prone to sticking up because they are not surrounded by other hairs to keep them in line.

Examine any remaining hairs that stick up to find the spot where they come out of the skin. This is called the follicle.

Pluck the hair that points up if you can locate its follicle. Exercise extreme caution if you attempt to pluck one hair that has many other hairs around it. You do not want to pluck an entire patch of hairs inadvertently and leave a bald spot in the middle of your brow. Hold other hairs out of the way with your fingers, if necessary.

Trim the unruly hairs with small, sharp scissors. Trim along the top edge of your natural brow shape to cut the hair in the middle, where it extends past the top of your eyebrow. Do not try to cut the hair within the body of your eyebrow because it is almost impossible to do so without cutting other hairs in the process.