Turkey & Cheese Wrap Calories

by Becky Miller

Turkey and cheese wraps can easily be made at home, purchased at the grocery store or ordered in a deli. The calories in a turkey and cheese wrap will vary depending on the serving size, the type of cheese and the condiments, such as mayo or mustard.


A recipe for a turkey and cheese wrap that includes a whole wheat wrap -- or tortilla -- turkey, Muenster cheese, spinach, carrot, cucumber, red pepper, 1/2 slice bacon and honey mustard contains 345 calories, according to CookEatShare.com. Skip the bacon and you'll save about 25 calories.


At Subway, the wraps and the flatbreads contain the same amount of calories. A turkey breast on flatbread is 300 calories. The cheese will add an additional 40 to 60 calories, depending on the type of cheese. The Turkey and Cheese Kidwich at Jason's Deli contains 239 calories. Trader Joe's turkey, spinach and cheese wrap contains 390 calories.


Watch out for the turkey wrap at Costco, which contains 810 calories -- 58 percent from fat and 16 grams of saturated fat. It also has 2,570 milligrams of sodium and .5 grams of trans fats.

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