Calories in a Ham and Cheese Wrap

by Jessica Bruso

The amount of calories in any ham and cheese wrap depends on the amount and type of ingredients used to make the wrap. Using less of high-fat ingredients like ham and cheese and more vegetables, such as lettuce and tomatoes, will help you create a filling wrap that isn't as high in calories.

A Sample Wrap

Wraps are often made with large tortillas, such as the 10-inch tortillas often used to make burritos. A regular flour tortilla of this size has about 217 calories. Each ounce of regular ham you put in the wrap adds another 46 calories. Choose 96-percent fat free ham and each ounce has 30 calories. A slice of cheddar cheese adds 113 calories, and Swiss cheese has 106 calories per slice. If you decide to use mayonnaise, a tablespoon will increase the calories in your wrap by 95, while mustard only adds 3 calories per teaspoon. A cup of Romaine lettuce only has just 8 calories, and a small, sliced tomato adds 16 calories. A wrap with an ounce of regular ham, a slice of Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and mustard will have about 491 calories.

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