How to Make an Evening Wrap Into a Shrug

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A favorite evening wrap made from fabric can be warm and soft on cool nights. In the event that you aren’t using the wrap as much as you used to, or parts of your wrap have become damaged or stained, an evening wrap can be transformed into a shrug without much effort and very little sewing. Take your time to prepare the fabric and you should be able to cut and sew your evening wrap into a loose shrug in under an hour.

Wash your evening wrap with a mild laundry detergent to get the fabric clean. Allow the fabric to dry thoroughly by laying flat to dry or in the dryer.

Spread out the clean, dry wrap on a flat surface. Measure and mark with a water soluble pencil or tailor’s chalk a large rectangle 18 by 36 inches in size. Cut out the rectangle along your drawn lines. Measure, mark and cut a long skinny rectangle 7 by 48 inches and set aside until Step Six.

Fold over the 18 inch long edges by a ½ inch toward the wrong side of the fabric. Fold the edges in again by a ½ inch, and pin in place. Iron the folds. Sew down each fold to secure it in place.

Fold the entire rectangle in half lengthwise with the hemmed edges running vertically on each side of the folded material and the raw 36 inch edges of the fabric running horizontally along the bottom. Double check that the side hems are on the outside of the fabric.

Measure in from the bottom corners by six inches and pin the fabric edges together at this point. Place pins along the 6 inch distance on each side to create a kind of sleeve. Sew down the 6 inch length on each side.

Spread out your long rectangle that was set aside from Step Two. Fold in the long edges by a ½ inch to form a basic hem. Pin and iron the folds. Fold the long strip in half lengthwise, trapping the folded edges inside the fabric. Press the fold in place, with steam if suitable for your fabric type.

Place the folds over the edge of the body opening of your large rectangle so the strip straddles the raw edge with the pressed folds of the strip on either side of the edge, similar to binding on a blanket. Pin the strip to the edges of the large rectangle all the way around, overlapping the edges of the strip where they meet. Sew the strip to the rectangle to finish the edging of the shrug.