How to Make a Hanging Rope

by Alexis Rohlin ; Updated September 28, 2017

Make your own prop hanging rope.

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A hanging rope or noose was used to hang people during their execution at the gallows. The person's head is slipped into the large loop of the rope and then the floor is dropped out from under them, which makes them hang by their necks and be killed by strangulation. Make a hanging rope and tie it to your tree to decorate your home during Halloween, or make a small gallows in your haunted house and hang the hanging rope from it for a grim and spooky decoration.

Step 1

Hold one end of the rope. Fold it one-quarter of the way down its length to make a loop at the top of the rope.

Step 2

Hold the folded end of the rope halfway down from the looped end so that you are holding the short end of the rope against the long end of the rope.

Step 3

Bring the short end up to the bottom of the loop and wrap the short end around the two ropes that lead into the loop for eight turns. This makes another short loop on the side of the ropes. Insert the short end of the rope into the short loop. Pull the short end taut and pull down on the main loop at the same time to tighten the short loop around the short end to secure it and finish making the hangman's knot.


  • Hanging ropes are not toys. Do not let children, under any circumstance, play with them as they can strangulate a person and cause death.

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