How to Repair Pull Lines in Satin Material

satin surface image by Aleksej Kostin from

Satin material has a shiny surface and a dull back, with a smooth overall feel that is made of silk, rayon, nylon or polyester. Since the surface of satin is so shiny, mars in the fabric show up more easily than they do on matte material, like cotton. Sometimes a thread is pulled away from the rest of the satin weave and it catches some of the fabric, causing a pull. While you can’t totally get rid of a pull in satin, you can make it less noticeable.

Lay the satin fabric out on a flat surface with the shiny side of the satin facing upward. Be sure the entire length of the pull is visible.

Find the thread that is causing the pull and take a hold of it with the tweezers.

Pull the thread gently in the direction it is facing, and pull the satin away from the thread, causing the pulled fabric to loosen and lay flat.

Clip the end of the thread off with the scissors so there are no loose threads hanging down.

Steam the satin fabric lightly until it lies completely flat.