How to Repair Andersen Windows

Andersen windows come in many types and styles, from double- and single-hung to casement and sliding. Andersen offers windows to fit the needs of just about anybody. Some windows are vinyl on both sides, while others are vinyl on the outside to withstand the elements but have a natural wood look on the interior. Over time, Andersen windows become worn and damaged. Instead of replacing the entire window frame and casing, you may want to repair the window by just replacing the sash.

Unscrew the sill stop located on the bottom of the window along the sill. Pull up to release it from the sealant.

Lower the top sash completely and remove the two screws located at the top of the left jamb liner from inside the house. Raise the lower sash completely to remove the screws on the bottom left of the jamb liner.

Place your hand on top of the left jamb liner and hold it in place. Pull outward with your other hand to remove it from the jamb.

Close the lower sash and pull out the left side. Pull down on the left sash cord and pull the sash cord tab out of the lower sash. Roll the cord up into the head jamb at the top of the window. Repeat the process with the right sash cord to remove the upper sash.

Slide the jamb liner back over the top of the jamb and push it firmly into place so it is secure. Set the new bottom sash into place, beginning with the left side. Lock the bottom sash into place and repeat the same process for the upper sash. Attach the sash cords on each side to the tab on the top of the new sashes.

Move the window up and down to ensure that it is working properly. Screw the sill stop back into place. Inspect the area to confirm that there is no other damage on the window. Unscrew and replace any handles or other parts that may need repair.