Icon Alliance Face Shield Replacement Instructions

by Sarena Fuller ; Updated September 28, 2017

Motorcycle helmets are a necessary safety precaution for riders.

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Alliance full-face motorcycle helmets are mid-price alternatives to higher end models. Made by Icon, Alliance helmets feature different colored graphics, a removable wicker lining, supervent system and a fog-free face shield. Newer editions include the Speedmetal, Redeemer, Tyranny and Operator. Icon redesigned the helmet by enlarging the intake and exhaust ports, adding additional vents and upgrading the original face shield to the Proshield. The new face shield has a locking system and tools-free changing system for easy replacement.

Step 1

Purchase a new face shield online at stores such as Extreme Supply or Amazon. Make sure it is an Icon shield that fits with the Alliance helmet.

Step 2

Open the face shield fully, exposing the orange locking levers. Push the levers on both sides to the left into the "Open" position.

Step 3

Remove the old shield from the helmet. Grip it with both thumbs at the top of the shield and gently pry the tabs out from the corresponding holes.

Step 4

Set the new shield into place. Align the tabs on the upper left and right sides with the holes on the side plates. Lock the levers into the "Closed" position by pushing them toward the back of the helmet.

Step 5

Open and close the new face shield to make sure it is secure before riding your motorcycle.


  • If you damage your side plates, replace them with an Icon Original Shield Pivot Kit.

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  • Beautiful motorcycle. image by Yuri Bizgaimer from Fotolia.com

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