Instructions for a Panerai Luminor

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Panerai is a watch company that was founded in the late 19th century but didn't receive mainstream popularity until the late 1990s. Used in the 1930s by the Italian Navy, Panerai is targeted by watch enthusiasts due to the simple and large designs that define the brand. The Luminor is one of the historically accurate representations of the Italian Navy-issued piece during World War II, with the patented crown guard as the immediate identifier of this iconic watch.

Winding and Time Setting

Flip down the crown guard lever. Wind the watch by turning the crown away from you until the slip clutch engages, preventing further winding.

Pull out the crown one notch to set the date, if equipped. Pull out a second step to set the time. For models with no date, only one crown step is involved for time setting.

Push the crown back in. Push the crown guard lever back up until it snaps into position, flush with the guard.

Strap Changing

Carefully set the 1.4 mm flat head screwdriver, which is included with new Luminors, into the strap screw head on the crown guard side of the watch.

Turn the screwdriver counter-clockwise to loosen the screw pin. Pull out the pin to free the strap. For models with the newer push-pin strap changing system, lay the watch face-down on a soft yet firm surface. Take the included pusher tool and separate the two ends. Press down on the recessed button on the lug. Push the pin out with the other side of the plastic pusher tool. Repeat for the other side.

Push out the stainless steel tubes in the strap. Insert them in the new strap, if not included. These keep the screw pin from unscrewing accidentally due to strap friction on the pin.

Place the new strap in between the lugs. For screw pin usage, slide the pin through the lugs and strap with the screw head on the crown guard side. For push-button quick-change operation, push the button with the included tool. Place the strap between the lugs. Slide the pin through the lugs and strap, and snap it in with a finger push.