The Manufacturing Process of a Watch

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Watches are a popular accessory for both men and women. The first watch was invented in the early 1500s. Manufacturing watches as a business has survived the ups and downs of industry since the early 1800s.

The Crystal

In digital watches the crystal, a small sliver of quartz is the most important part of the watch. During the assembly process the quartz and microchips are set on the circuit boards. This assembly works best when the quartz is encased in a vacuum chamber.


A battery is installed to generate electricity for the watch. The battery supplies power to the LED screen and to the quartz crystal.

Assembling Mechanisms

The next step is assembling the parts needed to set the watch. They consist of two pins that stick out of the case of the watch where they can be reached for setting purposes.

Case and Strap

The whole assembly is enclosed in a case, with a faceplate on the front. Lastly, the wristband, or strap is attached and the watch is ready for use.