How to Use a ReliOn Humidifier

ReliOn offers a line of cool and warm mist humidifiers. Warm models emit moist air to warm rooms, while cool mist models freshen and cool the room. Both models pull dry air through the system while a quiet fan emits moisture-balanced air. An interior filter traps bacteria and minerals from the incoming air. ReliOn humidifiers do not emit a noticeable mist, but you'll know they are working as the level inn the tank water decreases throughout the day. The humidifier's parts consist primarily of a water tank, filter, removable tray and power base. Operate the unit by choosing from two control settings.

Place your ReliOn humidifier on a flat, level water-resistant surface at least six inches from the wall.

Grasp the water tank by its handle and pull it off the base. Remove the filter from the base and soak it in a sink filled with cool water to remove minerals.

Turn the tank upside down and turn the fill cap counterclockwise to unscrew it.

Fill the water tank with cool tap water. Replace the cap and turn it clockwise to secure it.

Remove the filter from the cold water. Do not wring out the filter. Place it back into the base.

Place the tank back into the base and secure it into place.

Plug the humidifier into a polarized 120V outlet with the humidifier turned to "off."

Set the "Control" to "High" for faster operation or "Normal" for quieter, slower operation. Turn the humidifier off it you notice condensation forming on the room's windows or walls.