Parts of a Hair Dryer

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Hairdryers are used around the world everyday, but many people who use them don't know how they work. The inner functioning of a hairdryer is actually quite simple, and can be broken down into two elements, as well as the outer shell, the controls, cord and plug. The parts of a hairdryer come together easily to quickly and efficiently dry your hair.

Heating Element

The heating element of a hairdryer is usually a metal coil, but can also be coated with ceramic ion technology that helps protect hair from dry heat and overdrying. The heating element takes the electric energy provided from the electrical outlet, and as it heats, it turns this energy into convective energy (instead of electricity).


The fan propels the convective heat out of the dryer and to your hair. The fan is driven by a small motor inside the hairdryer, which is powered by electricity from the outlet. The air from the fan passes over the heating element, blowing the heat from the coil to your wet hair.

Shell and Controls

The outer shell of the hairdryer, which is usually thick plastic, houses the fan and heating element. It is usually L-shaped, with controls on the hand-hold portion. Simple hairdryers have only an on-and-off switch, while more expensive models have different temperature settings and different power settings.