How to Get Rid of a Musty Smell in an Electric Razor

Electric razors can develop musty smells. This generally comes from mold and mildew developing in the blades or in the actual mechanism. Mold and mildew form wherever there is excess water. Moist bathrooms, therefore, are prime places for mold growth. Prevent it from growing on your razor by using your bathroom ventilation fan whenever taking a shower or bath. Or store the razor in a closet outside your moist bathroom. There are two basic types of electric razors: wet and dry.

Wet Electric Razors

Turn the razor off, and unplug it. Remove the power cord, if possible.

Remove the razor head, blade and cutter. Consult the manual on how to do this, but most razors generally have a tab you press to unlock the components.

Turn on the faucet, and adjust the water so it's as hot as possible.

Run each component under water, but don’t submerge it in water.

Spray each component with white vinegar, if the smell is still noticeable. White vinegar will kill mold spores and neutralize odors.

Let each component air dry before reassembling the razor.

Dry Electric Razors

Turn off the razor, and unplug it. Remove the cord, if possible.

Remove the razor head frame, to reveal the screen and the blade. Don’t touch the screen, as it is delicate and can break easily.

Remove the blade, and wash it under hot water. If it still smells musty, clean it with a razor cleaning solution. These prevent damage to the more sensitive dry electric razors. Let it dry completely before putting it back into the machine.

Reassemble the razor.