How to Repair a Norelco Razor

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A Norelco razor has proven to be a dependable appliance, but sometimes it breaks down and needs repair. Because it can cost $30 or more for a professional to repair a Norelco razor (as of December of 2010), many people now do the repair themselves, given that they could buy a new razor for only a few dollars more. Replacement parts are available from Norelco. (See Resources, below.)

Turn off the razor and press the release button near the blades to open the inside of the razor. On many models, there is no release button, so you'll need to simply remove the assembly containing the blades from the base.

Fix or replace the battery if you own a cordless Norelco razor. If your razor runs out of power before you have finished shaving, you have a problem with either the battery in the razor or the recharger if it comes with one. Try allowing the razor to drain itself of power completely, then use the charger or plug in your razor for at least 24 hours. If that doesn't solve the problem, you should order a new battery or charger, or both.

Rid your razor of whiskers and other debris. Remove the head and blades of your electric razor by turning the three-pronged holder counterclockwise; use the brush that comes with your razor and thoroughly clean the area containing the drive posts that move the blades and the pins that keep the blades in place. Once that is done, remove one comb and the blades that fit inside and rinse them under hot water, then replace them. Don't clean more than one since they are matched perfectly and you will cause problems if you mix them. About every six months, you should wash both in rubbing alcohol and apply a little mineral oil to avoid wear.

Clean the trimmer. Depending on the model, either it will have a trimmer switch or some other device to open it. Each time the trimmer is used, you should clean it with a brush, and every six months, lubricate it with mineral oil.