Remington Razor Troubleshooting

While nothing beats the feel of a close shave with a proper straight razor, most people have neither the time nor the inclination to exert that much effort on shaving. A Remington electric razor will give you a solid shave in no time at all. Unfortunately, like all electric devices, your Remington razor may encounter problems. Learning a few troubleshooting tricks will help you ensure you never have to go to work with two days worth of stubble.

Common Problems

Most issues with a Remington razor can be traced to two major issues: discharged or dead batteries and dirty or worn out cutters. If your Remington razor seems to cut properly, but it appears to be lacking the power necessary to turn the cutter, try troubleshooting the battery. If your razor has enough power, but is cutting poorly, then the issue may be dirt in the head assembly or dulled cutters.

Battery Troubleshooting

Make sure your Remington razor is fully charged. Plug your razor into the AC adapter and plug the adapter into a working wall outlet. Leave your razor to charge for at least 24 hours. It's a good idea to run Remington batteries down and fully recharge them at least three times to fully condition the batteries.

If fully charging the batteries doesn't help, you may need to replace them completely. Unfortunately the rechargeable batteries in a Remington razor are permanently attached, so you cannot replace them yourself. If you think the batteries are the problem, you must contact Remington Consumer Service and take your razor to an authorized service center to have them replaced.

Cutter Troubleshooting

Keep your Remington razor clean to ensure proper functionality. Cleaning the exterior is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth. You should also clean the heads by removing the front of the razor, tapping out any excess shavings and rinsing the head under running water.

If that basic cleaning doesn't fix the problem, the cutters must be thoroughly cleaned. The process simply involves removing the front cover and scrubbing the cutters with a brush and a small amount of dish soap. Once you have done that, rinse the cutters in running water and reassemble the razor.

If completely cleaning the cutters doesn't fix the problem, contact Remington to have them replaced by an authorized repair service.

Contact Remington

If nothing you have done helps you fix your Remington razor, you should contact Remington Consumer Service. Call Remington at (800) 736-4648 or go to Click on "Consumer Service" and "Authorized Service Dealers" to find a repair facility near you.