How do I Change the Battery in a Micro Touch?

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Personal grooming and the management of body hair is of concern to both men and women. The Micro Touch is a small portable shaver and hair trimmer designed for personal grooming, particularly in areas that are hard to access with conventional razors. It is not rechargeable, but does come with a AAA battery for your convenience. Once the initial battery begins to lose power or stops working altogether, you can easily replace the old battery with a new one.

Remove the cap from the Micro Touch trimmer. Grasp the center of the Micro Touch with one hand. With the other hand, firmly hold the bottom of the device and pull off the cover to expose the battery compartment.

Lift out the old battery from the battery compartment of the Micro Touch trimmer. Take note of how the battery was oriented in the compartment: The "positive" polarity end of the battery should be inserted first according to the manufacturer's directions. Remove the new battery from its packaging and place it in the battery compartment, positioning it the same way as the previous battery.

Replace the battery cover and the cap of the Micro Touch. Turn the device on to make sure that it is functioning correctly. If not, check the position of the battery and make any corrections that are necessary. If the trimmer is functioning well, turn it off and store for later use.