How to Troubleshoot a Gillette® Fusion™ Razor

The Gillette® Fusion™ razor is a battery-powered shaving device for men manufactured by the Gillette corporation. Some of the razor's beneficial features include a five-blade shaving system, trimmer blade, a comfort grip handle and a colored lubrication strip that changes color when it is time to replace the razor cartridge. If problems develop with the Gillette® Fusion™ razor, there are several simple troubleshooting steps that can remedy the problem.

Check the battery indicator if the vibration of the razor begins to lessen. The low battery indicator light is located on top of the razor handle, just above the power button. If the light is flashing, it indicates that the razor is not functioning at full capacity. Replace the single AAA battery by turning the handle of the razor counterclockwise to expose the battery compartment.

Press the power button, located on top of the handle to restore power if the razor turns itself off. The razor has an automatic shutoff feature which stops power after eight minutes. Pressing the power button provides an additional eight minutes of use.

Change the razor cartridge if you start to get nicks while shaving. Frequent nicks are an indication of a dull razor. Look at the blue lubricating bar located just above the razor blade. If this blue bar has turned white, the razor must be replaced. Remove the razor cartridge by pressing down on the grey and orange button located at the top of the razor head. Insert the end of the razor handle into a new cartridge until you hear a click.