How to Charge a Remington

Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Spectrum Brands’ Remington is known for its shaving products including mens’ electric razors and grooming products. Shavers include foil and rotary models. The company also sells products for the female market including shavers and hair dryers. Remington’s shaving products are often rechargeable and some can also be run off the cord when batteries are low. Some products are multi-voltage, so you can charge them when traveling abroad too.

Slide the “On/Off” button to the “Off” position and connect the cord to the shaver and then into the wall outlet. The power light on the shaver will illuminate.

Keep the shaver plugged into the wall for 24 hours if it’s the first time you’re charging it. Look for a packaging or label designation that indicates “Quick Charge” and charge the razor for one hour if it has that feature. Charge it for 16 hours if there isn’t the “Quick Charge” function on your product. The R-960 and R-970 utilize “Quick Charge.”

Unplug the cord from the wall and disconnect the cord from the shaver. Turn the “On/Off” button to the “On” position and run the razor. The razor should run for up to 40 minutes without the cord.