How to Get the Security Top Off of a Liquor Bottle

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Security lock tops on wine and liquor bottles are used to protect businesses from financial loss from shoplifting. The tops make it nearly impossible to open a bottle of alcohol without the associated key. Some businesses decide to put the security tops on expensive wine and liquor bottles, but other stores place them on all liquor bottles. The security tops can be reused by the business, and tend to be removed by the cashier after the customer has paid.

Inspect the wine or liquor bottle to ensure there are no cracks in the glass before proceeding. If the glass appears cracked, it could break and injure you when you remove the lock.

Align the tabs on the key with the slots on the top of the security top.

Depress the security top over the key and the lower portion of the top to unlock to the top. In a fluid motion, lift the key and the security top.

Remove the lower piece of the security top from the bottle and give to the customer.