How to Remove a Hang Tag

Martin Poole/Photodisc/Getty Images

Retailers often use hang tags as a way to inform consumers of details such as the price and size of a particular item. They attach small tags made of paper, cardboard, leather or plastic to retail items by things such as wire, elastic, string or metal. Once a consumer purchases a retail item, he will remove the hang tag since it is no longer needed. Fortunately, no matter how hang tags are attached, they can all be removed in the same way.

Locate all of the hang tags on the retail item. Some items will contain more than one.

Grasp the hang tag gently and pull it toward you to take away the slack in the material that attaches it to the item.

Position the blades of a pair of sharp scissors on either side of the attachment and clip it into two pieces.

Remove the attachment and the hang tag from the item and discard.