How to Make an Emergency Contact Card

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An emergency contact card is an essential part of an emergency kit. If a natural disaster or other emergency were to take place, family members should know whom to contact and where to go. There are templates or printouts for emergency contact cards available online, but they are simple to make. It is most important to have the correct information and to make sure the information is current.

Step 1

Orient the index card to be 3 inches wide and 5 inches high. With a pencil, draw a line horizontally through the middle of the index card. Flip the card over and repeat on the other side.

Step 2

For all emergency contact cards, write neatly so all the information is legible. Make sure to use permanent ink. Each name and phone number should be written or typed on a separate line.

Step 3

Write the name, phone number and home address of the person the card is for on the front of the card in the top portion of the card.

Step 4

On the bottom of the card, label and write the local phone numbers for the police, fire department and ambulance service. On the line underneath, write in bold, capital letters: IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CALL 911. On the next line, label and write the number for poison control. Write your doctor's name and number on the last line.

Step 5

Flip the card over. Write emergency contact names and numbers on the back of the card. The most reliable contact should be on top of the card. If an emergency contact has more than one number, include all valid numbers. Write the number the person is most likely to answer on top, with the other numbers following. Fill the entire top portion of the back with emergency contacts.

Step 6

Write the name of a long-distance emergency contact on the back bottom portion of the card. Include the person's name, address and phone numbers. Under the long-distance emergency contact, label and write the address for a meeting place out of the neighborhood.

Step 7

Fold the card in half along the drawn line. This will make it easier for family members to carry the card. Carry the card at all times.