How to Get Away From a Psycho Boyfriend

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A bad relationship is no joking matter. Whether you feel your boyfriend is abusive or crazy, you do not need to stay with him. According to the National Women's Health Network, abuse from a boyfriend or intimate partner can lead to unwanted pregnancies, violence and depression. Get away from a psycho boyfriend if he starts to show signs of trying to control everything you do and abusing you. Do not waste time to leave your boyfriend if you feel threatened by him.

Step 1

Call 911 immediately if your boyfriend is threatening you right now. By calling 911, authorities are contacted right away to help you if you are in a life threatening situation.

Step 2

Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline, 800-799-SAFE. The organization has experience with psycho boyfriends. Ask for help on how to devise a plan to leave him for good. The organization can explain your legal rights against your boyfriend.

Step 3

Call your close friends, co-workers, teachers and relatives and explain the situation. Establish a code word so you can use it without your psycho boyfriend knowing what you are talking about.

Step 4

Devise a plan of how you will leave your psycho boyfriend and what you plan on doing if he becomes violent. Write in a notebook all the times his behavior is psychotic, abusive or questionable. Keep all his emails, notes and letters. Take pictures of any damage he has done to your property with a digital camera.

Step 5

Change all your numbers and email addresses. Change the locks on your residence if your boyfriend was living with you or has a key. Ask a friend of relative to stay with you so you are never alone.

Step 6

Notify your school or your children's school about the matter. Explain the situation to security guards at school and at your work. Ask security to walk with you to your car at all times.

Step 7

Break off the relationship over the telephone. If you must meet in person, go with a friend or relative in a public place. Once you break up, do not have any contact with him again. You do not want to show that you want him back or encourage him that you still want him.