How to Find Out if an Ex-Husband Is Working?

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

There are many reasons why you might need to know if and where your ex-husband is working. You may need to serve him with court papers or find out how much income he is making for spousal and child support payments. You will need to set up visitation schedules around work schedules, if you have children. There are several direct and indirect ways to find out whether an ex-husband is working.

Call his previous place of employment and ask to speak with him. Hang up the phone before he answers and provide a fake name, if they ask who is calling. If he does not work there anymore, ask if he provided a forwarding number or new place of employment, to find out if he is working somewhere else.

Run searches on a few social media sites. If your ex is on Facebook, he might list his place of employment on his profile. If he has a Twitter account, he might occasionally tweet about work-related things, or include his employment information in his bio. Best yet, you might be able to track him down on LinkedIn, an online network geared toward professionals. This would help you get some insight into his employment status and the timeline of his employment history.

Call the local domestic relations office, if you have a child custody and support arrangement. Domestic relations should have his last record of employment and can let you know if he is still at the listed job.

Call his family or friends, if you have a positive relationship with them. Family and friends might let you know if he has been working, especially if you are trying to find out for support or childcare and visitation schedules.

Ask your ex-husband directly if he is working, depending on how positive your relationship is with him. If you are on speaking terms, the split was mutual or you have a good relationship, he should be more than willing to tell you.

Have a friend follow your husband from his home to work -- so he won't recognize the car -- or hire a private investigator, if you have the money. Websites like Angie's List list private investigator services and offer tips on how to hire one. If you opt to go this route, a private investigator can help you investigate your ex and even set up surveillance to figure out where he's going and when.