How to Find a Missing Husband

Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images

If your husband goes missing, all is not lost. You have a few avenues to take that will allow you to seek help finding him. People go missing for a number of reasons. This type of crisis often shakes families and communities because uncertainty of whereabouts leads to the thought that the missing person may be hurt or dead. You should work quickly to try to learn your husband's whereabouts, so that you can cope with whatever situation the aftermath of him being missing may bring.

Alert the Authorities

Consult your local police department and file a missing persons report. This should be your first course of action when your husband hasn't turned up and you're not sure of his whereabouts. Police have the manpower and resources to be proactive about the situation. The sooner you go to the authorities, the better your chances of seeing some results in their search process. In these situations, police often work with the press by sending out releases, which leads to coverage by local news organizations.

Rally the Support of the Community

When the word gets out about your missing husband, it's important to strike while the iron is hot and get as much exposure to the situation as possible. Civic organizations and residents often perform their own searches, often in coordination with police, to help gain traction on the case. Raising awareness also helps police, because it increases the likelihood that someone who may have information on the situation will step forward.

Check Your Husband's Internet Activity

We now live in an age that many adults have a digital imprint, in addition to their physical imprint. Monitor any known email addresses, social media pages and sites of interest to see if they have had any recent activity. If so, this may mean that your husband went missing willingly. Be sure to pass along any information you find to the police.

Monitor Your Bank Accounts

If the two of you use a joint account, any purchases made that don't look familiar should raise red flags. This could either mean that your husband is making purchases, or someone who may be involved with him turning up missing is using his card to make purchases. Take note of the nature of these purchases to assess if it seems like one he would make. Communicate to authorities any information you find.

Hire Help

There are private investigators and missing person search firms available who take on these types of cases. A hired company, in addition to police aid, may increase your chances of learning your husband's whereabouts.

Be Patient

Your husband may turn up right away or it may take months or longer. Seek any sort of emotional or moral support that may help during this difficult time, and be prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best.