Signs of a Heartbroken Man

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The signs of a broken heart vary for each individual. Sometimes a person has a loss of appetite, or maybe he’s withdrawn and doesn’t call or socialize like he used to. Maybe he constantly refers to his ex as if he’s still in a relationship, or maybe he bashes his ex every chance he gets. In any case, if your friend tells you that he just broke up and you notice these and other heartbreak signs, it may be time to intervene.

Loss of Appetite

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Symptom: It’s important to note that a loss of appetite doesn’t necessarily mean he’s heartbroken. This is a common symptom for many ailments, such as stomach viruses or the common cold or flu. However, if you know he just broke up with his girlfriend, it’s time to take notice.

Resolution: Take his mind of his heartbreak by simply suggesting that the both of you hang out more. Surprise him with tickets to his favorite concert or treat him to a movie. Make his favorite dinner—something hard to resist—and invite some friends over. The object is to take his mind off of the heartbreak and keep him occupied with more positive things.

Calling His Ex

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Symptom: There is nothing wrong with calling his ex, especially if the relationship ended on a good note. However, if you notice him constantly calling and texting her, even though on several occasions he has professed his dislike for her, it may be a symptom of a broken heart.

Resolution: Talk to him and be truthful. Gently suggest that he may be wasting his time and energy on his constant communication with her. If that doesn’t work, give him something else to do. Do something out of the ordinary, such as taking a cooking class together, or if he’s been talking about getting a new job, help him with his resume and job search. Replace a symptom with something that’s more positive and definitely more fun.

Feeling Urges to Check Up

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Symptom: This is a common symptom in people who go through heartbreak. For instance, if you’re having dinner with your friend and he decides that afterward he is going to drive by her house to see what she’s doing, this may be warning sign. If he sits through an entire movie, preoccupied with thoughts of stopping by his ex’s house later in the evening, it is time to intervene. This type of behavior could become quite serious and may even cross over into the stalker category.

Resolution: Like the other resolutions, having urges to check up is just a symptom of his heartbreak. The good news is that you can help replace that symptom with a behavior that is more positive. Help him start that new at-home business he’s always been talking about, or when you go to dinner with him, make it a place that is out of the way to diminish the urge to check up.


Other signs include sleeplessness, crying and excessive weight loss or gain. If you see one or more of these symptoms, keep an eye on him. It may not be that serious. It takes time to mend a broken heart. However, if these symptoms continue for an extended period of time or he talks about suicide, contact a health professional.