How to Address Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

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Your wedding rehearsal dinner is an important event in your wedding timeline. After you have found the perfect invitation and have everything printed, it is time to address the envelopes. A classy, elegant invitation looks bad if the envelope has bad spelling or poor penmanship. Address the envelopes by hand for a personal touch using your best writing. If you lack confidence in your own penmanship, then hire a professional or ask a friend to help.

Research the marital status of invited guests before the wedding rehearsal dinner. Keep this information handy.

Tuck the invitations in the envelopes.

Seal the envelopes with a small damp sponge, and then close them.

Write the name, in print, of the invited guest on the front and center of the envelope. Begin the name with their formal status. A single man’s name begins with “Mr.” and a single woman’s name begins with “Miss.” A married couple’s name is written “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.” Keep writing tight and as centered as possible.

Write the street address underneath the name. Do not use abbreviations for street names unless extremely long.

Write the city name, the two letter state abbreviation and the ZIP code underneath the street address.

Turn the envelope over. Write the sender’s proper name on the top of the envelope’s fold. Write the street address on the next line. Underneath the street address, write the city, state and ZIP code of the sender.

Add a gold embossed sticker on the envelope where the fold meets the paper.