How to Create a Class Reunion Database

Whether it's your ten-year or fifty-year reunion, planning a class reunion requires good organizational skills and attention to detail. Creating a class reunion database in Microsoft Excel can help you manage information gathered from former classmates, such as addresses and name changes, and keep track of the reunion budget.

Create your contact information database

Save a workbook in Microsoft Excel with your school's name and graduation year as the document name.

Rename the first tab in the workbook as Contact Information. Rename the second tab as RSVP and Payment Information.

Create eight column headings on the first row of your Contact Information worksheet. In each column, indicate the important information needed for each former classmate, including Last Name, Maiden Name, First Name, Spouse/Partner, Current Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Telephone Number and Email Address. Make the column headings bold.

Insert alumni names and contact information in the rows below the corresponding column headings.

Set up four column headings on the first row of your RSVP and Payment Information worksheet. Name them in bold as Last Name, First Name, RSVP and Date Payment Received.

Copy and paste all first and last names from the Contact Information worksheet, and mark the RSVP column yes or no to indicate whether you have received an RSVP. Record the date you received payment in the Date Payment Received column.

Insert a budget record in your database

Add a third tab in your Microsoft Excel workbook and rename the new worksheet as Budget.

Estimate your reunion budget and note it in the header of your worksheet.

Make six column headings on the first row of your worksheet and describe them as Category, Vendor Name, Rental Fee Quote, Price Quote, Contract Signed Date and Cancellation Policy.

Describe each category of your budget in the Category column using general reunion budget terms, like Location, Entertainment, Food, Decorations and Miscellaneous.

Record all potential vendor names and price quotes in the corresponding cells and indicate the date you sign a contract.

Specify the vendor's cancellation policy on your budget worksheet. Canceling or postponing a reunion is necessary sometimes, and having the cancellation information handy will make the process easier.