Etiquette for Addressing Wedding Invites to an Apartment

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When considering the wording you use on your envelopes, keep in mind that a wedding is an extremely formal occasion. Unless you have sent out save-the-date cards, your invitation is the first impression people will have of your wedding, whether it is formal or casual, in a church or a friend’s backyard.

General Rules

When addressing an envelope be sure to address the envelope by hand. If it seems overwhelming, enlist the help of bridesmaids and family who have nice handwriting. You may also want to consider hiring a professional calligraphy service. Do not ever use address labels. Try to avoid exceeding five lines when addressing envelopes.

Addressing to an Apartment

The first line of the address is where the names of the guests appear. Use formal first names, (for example Abigail as opposed to Abby). A second title line can be used for another guest name; otherwise it should have the street address or post office box. All words in the address should be spelled out, including single digit street numbers. A street name that is a number can be written two ways--123 East 3rd Street or 123 East Third Street. A sample address containing an apartment would look something like this: Mr. And Mrs. John Doe 213 South Maple Street Apartment 3 Chino, California 91710

Addressing to an Apartment and Building

If addressing an envelope to a building and apartment, you may need to use two lines to fit the street address. The envelope may become complicated in the rare case that you have already used two lines for the name. An example address to an apartment and building is as follows: Mr. And Mrs. John Doe 213 South Maple Street Building 4 Apartment 12 Chino, California 91710

Alternative Options

Always remember that if you do not follow the wedding etiquette rules for addressing an envelope to an apartment or building there are usually no serious repercussions (unless you upset the great aunt who is paying for the wedding). Feel free to change or adjust your envelope to suit your personal style and the formality of your wedding.

Other Etiquette

Send out your invitations six to eight weeks in advance to allow your guests enough time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements. Save-the-date cards can be sent up to three months in advance, and the information for destination weddings may be sent up to six months in advance. Be sure your response card envelopes have stamps on them as an added courtesy to your guests.