How to Write a Letter to My Husband on Why I Am Filing for Divorce

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If possible, it is best to tell your husband in person why you plan on filing for divorce and allow him to ask questions and express his feelings about the situation. When speaking to him in person is not possible, writing a letter may be the best way to break the news. Putting your thoughts on paper allows you to calmly say everything you need to say without being interrupted or sparking a heated argument.

Step 1

Write a rough draft, taking care to keep the tone of the letter calm and respectful. Explain why you would like a divorce, and do not write anything that would lead him to believe there is a chance of reconciliation. Keep the letter short and to the point. Set the letter aside for a few days.

Step 2

Read your rough draft and decide which changes need to be made. You may want to ask a close, trusted friend to read it and offer opinions on how it may be improved. Write the final draft of the letter, then read it thoroughly to be sure it conveys the appropriate message.

Step 3

Wait for an appropriate time to give your husband the letter. Avoid giving him the letter during a stressful time. Wait until the atmosphere is calm, then hand him the letter and ask him to read it. If you are unable to hand deliver the letter, you may want to mail it to him. When mailing a letter such as this, it may be helpful to call your husband to let him know a letter from you will be arriving soon.