How to Write a Letter to Grandma

Everyone has different dynamics in family relationships. You may have grown up close to your grandma or maybe you lived far away. Your grandparents may have helped raise you or sent you to college. Or maybe you've seen them very infrequently in your life. Whatever the case may be, taking the time to write a letter to Grandma is a positive step in being a messenger of love.

Pick out the best paper or stationary you can find.

Find a quiet place with a desk or table to write your letter.

Close your eyes and make a connection with your grandma. Think about what she means to you. Think about the good things. Remember the times that she was there for you. Remember her smile, how she hugged you.

Be positive. Throw out any negative thoughts about any imperfections she may have, because everyone has imperfections. Remember her hobbies, interests, the things she did for you.

Begin your letter: "Dear Grandma." Then just open up and share and write. Be supportive. Think of things she may especially be interested in. Maybe she is religious--talk about the last time you went to church. Maybe she likes romance novels, or positive thinking books--talk about that.

Share the things that you think would touch her heart. Share gratitude you feel for her or for your parent who she gave birth to. Just write. Don't be too concerned about perfect writing. You can always rewrite a neater letter if you really need to. Keep writing and try to fill up all the open space, so she will feel like you really wanted to talk to her.

Find your grandma's address, an envelope and a stamp. Write the address legibly in the center of the front of the envelope. Put your address in the upper left-hand corner. Seal the envelope. You have now successfully written your letter to grandma.