How to Replace Parts for Hedstrom Swing Sets

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Every swing set on the market is subject to wear and tear over time, even brand names like Hedstrom. One of the leading swing set manufacturers in the nation, the company's swing sets have been keeping children happy for years. However, even the sturdiest of brands will eventually surrender to time, and when the parts on your Hedstrom swing set begin to rust or loosen over time, you will need to replace them to keep the swing set as safe as possible. Thankfully swing sets are easy enough to repair that anyone can do it with common, household tools.

Step 1

Check the parts of your Hedstrom swing set to identify the components that need to be replaced. Anything with rust or corrosion on it will need to be removed, and any other areas that are splintered or worn will need to be replaced as well. Pay close attention to the bolts and screws holding the structure together, and replace as necessary.

Step 2

Remove the old or damaged parts from the swing set with a screwdriver, wrench or socket, depending on the model of Hedstrom swing set you own. Hold things in place with a pair of pliers when needed, such as with brackets that need to be retained while they are unbolted. Use the penetrating lubricant for bolts or screws that are stuck or rusted in place.

Step 3

Find replacement parts at your nearest Hedstrom distributor, or order them directly from the manufacturer via its website. Bring your old parts into the store with you so you can easily identify the replacement parts you need.

Step 4

Replace any of the parts you removed with new parts. Replace any bolts or screws as necessary for the frame, slide and bulkier sections, and ensure that the parts are completely secure before allowing any children to play on the swing set. Test the replacement part with your own weight to verify that everything is installed properly.