How to Fix a Wallet Snap

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Just about everyone has had it happen to them. You go to fasten your favorite shirt, purse or wallet, and find that the snap has ... snapped. It's not necessary to throw away the item. Replacing a snap is a snap! In fact, it is such a common issue that most tailors keep a snap repair kit in their sewing kit. Snaps can be attached to all sorts of material, although larger snaps, such as on a wallet, tend to be adhered to canvas, leather or denim, depending on the item.

Remove the broken snap from the wallet by using a flat head screwdriver. Carefully pry under the snap and use the screwdriver as a lever to pop off the snap. Be careful not to rip the wallet fabric. Remove the socket, which is the part that the snap snaps into, the same way.

Examine the wallet. There should already be a hole for the snap to go though since you are replacing the snap. If necessary, use the leather awl to make sure the hole is the same size as the snap.

Remove the snap tools from the packaging. Place the flat socket into the plastic snap tool so that the protruding piece is facing up. Put the other part into the other snap tool, snapping them into place in the plastic.

Layer the wallet so that the disc is on the bottom, the wallet fabric is in the middle, and the snap tool is on top. Be sure that you are attaching the bottom of the snap first. Position the pieces according to the snap tool's manufacturer's instructions. Hammer it into place. In effect, you are applying two snaps to the wallet; the top part with the metal stud, and the socket with which the stud is inserted to cause the "snap" sound.

Attach the top of the snap the same way. The plastic works as a stabilizer for the small metal parts. Hammer the top of the snap to the other piece of the wallet.

Reinforce the snap with super glue, removing any excess.