How to Fix a Hat Adjuster

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Keep your hat from flying off your head by fixing your busted hat adjuster. One of the most popular types of hats that comes with an adjuster is the baseball cap. According to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, the baseball cap is a true American invention and the first hats were made from straw, which was soon replaced by merino wool and other fabrics. If your hat adjuster from your favorite hat is broken, repair it rather than replacing it.


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Fabric adjusters with metal rings must bear the brunt of constant pulling and tightening. The closure tabs can tear with this force. Hand sew the tears with a sewing needle and thread. Insert the knotted needle through the torn fabric and pull it together. Sew areas 1/4-inch around the area to reinforce the the fabric. If the fabric rips off completely, match the fabric of the hat as best as possible. Sew together a new fabric closure tab and replace it completely.


Some hat adjusters use metal rings and buckles to secure the hats. If these break, replacements in similar colors can be found from local fabric and leather stores or shops where head-wear supplies are sold. Remove old hardware with pliers, then thread the new rings and buckles into place. Contacting the manufacturer is another way to repair the hardware on these types of hat adjusters.

Plastic Snaps

Once the snaps on a plastic-type hat adjuster break or become too worn, they can be repaired in a couple of ways. The entire plastic adjuster can be removed and you can sew on fabric or leather tab closures that use metal rings found in fabric or craft shops. Adhesive hook and loop fasteners can also be glued underneath the top plastic tab. You retain the look of the original plastic adjuster and it is a simple no-sew project. Replacement plastic straps are also available that snap onto the broken ends of the old plastic. They close shut onto the plastic and come in a variety of colors.



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Small tears in fabric or plastic hat adjusters can also be repaired with glue. Use a hot glue gun on plastic by squeezing small beads of glue where needed. This is well-suited for areas where the plastic meets the fabric. Wear on the edges or hems of fabric adjusters can be glued with fabric glue. Use a fine artist's paintbrush to apply a thin layer of glue and press the pieces together with your fingers to set. Glue fixes your hat almost seamlessly.