Croc Shoe Repair

One of the distinguishing characteristics of original Crocs, aside from the rubbery material and ventilation holes, is their strap. It is attached to the shoe with black rivets and printed with the company logo of a crocodile. Although the trademarked Croslite material is remarkably tough, the straps can pop off at the rivets. Since the pairs can cost from $20 to $30 depending on the color you choose, it makes sense to simply repair the damaged shoe instead of tossing it.

Obtaining New Parts

Some sellers have rivets for Crocs for sale, but there is no need to buy new rivets for your Crocs from a third party. At the Crocs website, you can request a new set and it will be provided for free. The same goes for broken straps. You will need to fill out an online "Contact Us" form which will request basic contact information about you as well as information about your individual pair of Crocs. Alternatively, you can call the Customer Service number at 1-866-306-3179.

Quick Fixes

Although you can get replacement parts for free for your Crocs from the manufacturer, you may wish to employ a quick fix until the new parts arrive. To patch the rivets, place a button larger than the rivet hole over each side of the hole. Sew the buttons together. To patch a broken strap, either duct tape it or use a very sturdy glue, such as gorilla glue, to hold the two sections together.