How to Replace Soles on Red Wing Boots

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Red Wing boots are made in America by hand and represent one of the most classic styles of working boot. Red Wing boots are made from sturdy leather and are often used in the work place because of their durability, comfort and strength. Because Red Wing boots do last for a long time, you may have to replace some components. The most usual replacements are laces and soles, both the outer sole and insole. The outsole is the stiff bed or bottom of the boot, while the insole is the piece of padding that you slide inside the boot.

Remove your old insole from your Red Wing boot and inspect it for wear. You may notice discoloration, exposed padding or unusually worn areas.

Choose a new insole, either an exact replica from Red Wing or an aftermarket insole such as those by Dr. Scholl or Superfeet.

Insert the new insole by slipping it into the shoe and smoothing it out with your hand. If the insole binds or jams in part of the boot, you may have to trim it with scissors. Make small cuts at a time and continue checking for fit until the insole is flush with the bottom of the boot.

Repair your outsole of the boot if it develops extreme wear or holes by taking the boot to a licensed cobbler or shipping the boot to Red Wing. Replacing the outsole is an intensive process requiring advanced equipment that should only be performed by professionals with years of experience.