How to Make a Cowboy Hat Larger

Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Getting a cowboy hat with a perfect fit is not always just a matter of purchasing a certain size. Sometimes you may find the perfect cowboy hat that fits a little too snug. Or you have a favorite old hat and you are no longer the same size you were when you bought it, but the hat is still good and you'd like to wear it again. You can use items around the house to stretch the hat and make it fit right.

Wet the material around the bottom edge of your cowboy hat where you would like the hat to stretch.

Pull the hat gradually over a round object slightly larger than your head. A commercially available hat stretcher would be the best option, but a soccer ball, basketball or bowl would work as well.

Leave the hat on the ball until it dries. To speed up the drying process you can place the hat a few feet from a heater.

Try on your stretched hat. It should fit snugly above your ears but not pinch or be painful. If the hat is still too tight, repeat the process.