How to Keep Your Hat on Your Head Without a Strap

Smiling woman with hat

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The right hat can flatter the face, protect the skin and hide a bad hair day, making it an affordable, yet invaluable accessory. Keeping a hat in place on a windy day can be a challenge, however, especially if the accessory does not fit properly. Wearing a noticeable chin strap is not a fashionable option, but, luckily, a few clever tricks can help you hang onto your hat, no matter what style you choose.

Push a hatpin through the back band of your hat before putting it on. By starting a hat pin piercing before wearing it, you can avoid poking your skin with sharp pins. Put the hat on your head, gathering a lock of hair with your pin. Position the hat, then slide the pin through the hair and the hat. Remove the hat pin before you take your hat off. Hat pins work well with small, pillbox style hats with little or no brim.

Stretch a large, wide elastic band around your head. The band should lie flat, not twist or curl. The elastic grabs the hat material, keeping it in place. This trick is good for paperboy-style hats and berets.

Pin back your bangs with bobby pins to create a shelf the hat can cling to. Push the hat down over your bangs. If you do not have bangs, experiment with other hair styles that may help you keep the hat in place, like a bun positioned on the crown, top or back of the head.

Buy hats with a curved shape. Curved hats rest on the head's natural shape, rather than sitting atop it. Try on the hat before you buy it to make sure it fits your head properly.

Take the hat to a millinery shop for a professional hat-stretching or fitting. For the ultimate in proper fits, order a custom-made hat.