How to Take Care of a Synthetic Wig

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Flaunting a full, fashionable head of hair isn't always about working what nature gave you. Synthetic wigs won't last as long as human-hair wigs, but you'll never have to waste much of your morning routine on shampooing and styling. Suiting an on-the-go lifestyle to a tee, synthetic fibers fare best with only an occasional wash and will hold your favorite permanent style with minimal touch ups -- so long as properly stored.

Wig Wash-and-Go

Step 1

Brush the wig with a wig brush from tips to crown to remove any tangles. For curly wigs, detangle hair with your fingers only.

Step 2

Turn the wig inside-out. Pour a small drop of mild shampoo inside the crown. Disperse several more drops of shampoo evenly throughout the wig.

Step 3

Run cool water over the wig, and gently massage the shampoo into suds with your fingers.

Step 4

Rinse the wig under cool water. To prevent tangles, hold the wig so that the water runs in the same direction as the hair.

Step 5

Towel-dry the wig and drape it over a clothing rack to dry.

Step 6

Spritz the wig with a spray-on conditioner and allow it to dry fully.

Style and Store

Step 1

Separate any tangles in a dry wig with a metal pick, combing lightly from tips to crown.

Step 2

To neaten a curly or wavy set style, move any wayward strands into place with your fingers.

Step 3

Neaten a straight wig with a wig brush, running the brush gently over the hair tips, then the midsection, then the crown.

Step 4

Store the wig on a foam head or wig block, or place it gently inside a wig net so that the hair does not become frizzy.

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