How to Keep Ends of Braids Closed

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Without a fastener at the end of your braid, it's likely to unravel in seconds. If you don't have a hair tie or elastic rubber band on hand, you can still get your braid to stay put. By simply using hairspray and a comb, you can manipulate the end of the braid so that it actually closes itself off. The only thing that will come undone is your friend's face when she realizes your braids are magically secured without any help.

Step 1

Comb your hair from the roots to the ends. Carefully untangle any knots.

Step 2

Lightly mist the area you want to braid with hairspray. If you're working with one large back braid, for example, spray all of your hair. When working with smaller braids on the sides of you head, spray the area you'll be braiding. The hairspray residue helps keep the entire braid intact once it's finished.

Step 3

Separate the hair into three equal sections where you want the braid. Start braiding until you reach the bottom. If you find yourself with one of the strands shorter than the others, borrow some hair from a longer strand and continue braiding to the end.

Step 4

Spray the bottom of the braid with hairspray. Make sure you get it from all angles. Use your comb and tease the braid's bottom in all directions. This creates a knotty texture that will hold the braid still. Spray this knot again, and then roll the knot between your fingers for about 15 seconds. Spray one last time.