How to Detangle Matted Synthetic Weave Hair

Like real hair, synthetic hair tangles and becomes matted if you do not properly care for it. Work to remove the tangles without hurting or pulling out the hair. If you work carefully and gently, you can eliminate the matted areas and tangles in your hair without having to remove or ruin the extensions.

Locate the areas of the hair that need detangling. Clip the rest of your hair away from the section you are working on with a hair clip. Work on a small section of the hair at a time. Gently grasp the tangled, matted area of the hair above the tangle, near the roots. This helps protect the hair from being pulled out while you work. Your hand works as a barrier to help prevent too much stress on the root of the hair.

Start untangling the hair with your other hand. Gently run your fingers through the hair from the bottom toward the tangle. You do not want to start at the roots of your hair. If you try to untangle the matted hair from the roots and work your way toward the ends of the hair, you end up pulling out the hair or causing breakage in the strands. Continue finger-combing the matted strand of hair until you loosen the tangle a little.

Spray your fingers with detangling spray and finger-comb the tangled area of the hair once more. The detangling spray helps loosen the tangles even more without causing breakage. Gently work on the hair until you are able to run your fingers from the bottom of the hair to the roots.

Spray a fine mist of detangling spray on the area of hair you are working on. With a wide-toothed comb, gently comb the hair from the bottom to the roots.

Repeat each step with other matted areas of the hair.