How Can I Make a Straw Hat Smaller?

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Used to protect from heatstroke and sun exposure, straw hats are also a fashionable accessory. Straw hats are made by weaving straw or reeds. As the weave gets more consistent and tighter, the hat gets more expensive and is of higher quality. If you have purchased a hat from a reputable dealer and it is the wrong size, you can return it. If, however, you are handing the hat down to someone else, made the hat yourself or purchased a hat that only needs a slight adjustment, you can shrink your own hat.

Wet the grosgrain ribbon. The grosgrain ribbon is a wide, silk ribbon used as the trim inside the hat. Dry the ribbon by placing it near a radiator or leaving it overnight.

Add a second grosgrain ribbon on top of the ribbon already in the hat if you want a sleeker look. Simply sew it on to the original ribbon.

Steam your hat. Hold your hat over a pot of boiling water until it is damp and then put it on your head or on a foam head or hat stand in your size until it dries completely. The hat will shrink slightly.

Add double-sided sticky foam pads inside the hat between the sweat band and the hat itself. This method can be used to shrink portions of the hat to fit your head properly and to make the hat significantly smaller.

Wear your hat in the rain. As the hat dries, it will shrink down and shape to your head.