How Do I Reshape the Brim of My Akubra?

three hats 2 image by Jim Parkin from

Akubra hats are the Australian equivalent to the American cowboy hat, designed for the men and women working in the sun, heat and other extreme conditions of the frontier. Akubra felt hats can be seen in many media portrayals of Australian bushwhackers, and this type of hat has donned many a famous head. The fedora trademarked by Indiana Jones is very similar to an Akubra. Many of those who wear this type of hat prefer to put their own special style spin on it, and this can be done by reshaping the brim of the hat to your preferred position.

Bring a pot of water to boil on a stove top to create steam. If you have a tea kettle, it may be easier to use it instead of a pot, as a kettle produces a more concentrated flow of steam.

Hold the brim of the Akubra hat over the steam; the moist heat from the steam will make the felt pliable. Take care not to get the inside band of the hat wet, or you could damage the way the hat fits you.

Gently mold the now-soft brim of your hat into your preferred position with your fingertips.

Allow the hat to dry and inspect the results; if necessary, repeat Steps 1 through 3 until you get the desired shape. You may need to reshape the hat in small increments a few times to get your desired shape.

Allow the hat to dry completely before wearing it outside again.